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Training resources


Renegade currently employs Jennifer (Jen) Deane, CPDT-KA, as our behaviorist and trainer. Jen is a licensed Family Dog Mediator with who specializes in working with dogs who have experienced trauma.

Please use this page for training tips and to schedule request training. To maximize our training program, our training team will processes training requests and schedules sessions based on urgency and need. 

Training Request Form

Submit your training requests here. Please understand that we prioritize moderate to severe issues involving safety. 

Some training issues can be solved with the help of our very capable kennel staff and experienced volunteers. Please alert us as soon as you begin having issues. We can help fix many problems before they drive you crazy and make fostering too difficult. 


Once you fill out the form, our training team will reach out to you within a week to schedule the next steps. Sometimes this involves a phone call, a Zoom session or a meeting. 


Issues that we typically refer to our trainer include:

  • Stranger danger (dog displays fearful aggression rising above the level of normal warning signs to many new people)

  • Resource guarding towards humans

  • Severe separation anxiety 

  • Severe-moderate dog reactivity

  • Exceedingly fearful behavior

  • Bite cases

  • Child-related reactivity 

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