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A Rescue Tale: Pitbull finds forever home after spending almost a year in rescue

Tookie posing with angel wings while in rescue

Tookie, known affectionately as the Tookie Monster by his previous foster, was a huge rescue favorite that stole the heart of anyone he met. This big-headed beefcake spent nearly a full year in rescue before finally settling in the perfect home.

Because of his extended stay in rescue, Tookie was one of the few dogs who came to rescue heartworm positive, but was treated and tested negative before being adopted out thanks to our amazing heartworm treatment team. Described as "a total angel," by his former foster parent, Tookie's adoption story touched a lot of hearts during his extended stay. We sat down with his former foster to find out more about Tookie’s amazing rescue tale:

What’s your name and how long have you been a foster for Renegade Paws Rescue?

My name is Cecilia, I started fostering in December of 2019.

What was your greatest influence to get involved in Renegade?

I actually had to put down my personal dog that I had had for eleven years on Christmas Eve in December 2019 due to cancer and it was just maybe not even a week after she had passed—that I couldn’t be in the house by myself, and I figured it would be a great way to honor her memory and pull some more dogs in.

Who was Tookie to you and how would you describe him?

Tookie was the Tookie Monster, the Shit Goblin—all those things but absolutely just an angel, I did love him very much. I still love him of course, just a goofy silly little boy that was with me from October to August so not quite a full year but getting pretty close to it.

What made you want to foster him in the first place?

So, I actually did his freedom ride from the shelter. He did not come home with me then because he already had a foster lined up and I already had some other ones in the house at the time. But he was so sweet on his freedom ride in the car with me, he stood behind me and put his face on my shoulder the entire ride from Chatham [County Animal Service] to the office. When he needed a new foster, because his old foster was moving or something, I decided I would be willing to take him in because I remember how sweet he was and how fun he was.

Now he spent a little under a year in rescue, how did you feel when you got the winning adoption application?

I was not really sure based on the application. I mean, It was a good application but it was a little sparse on details. So, talking with the potential adopter helped via text message and then I think when I finally met him, because he from out of town, so he actually drove a little over three hours away to come meet Tookie. When we met him and talked with him and Jen was there at the office and couple other folks were there, he met Tookie and Tookie instantly really liked him, I think that was like “Wow, I think this is really going to work out.” That was a fun moment to meet Anthony, his adopter, and to see that connection. And, he had him on a sleepover for about a week and he asked really good questions, it was clear even in just a couple of days how much he really liked Tookie and how well they were getting along with each other.

Was it difficult watching him go home after having him for such a long time?

It was a little bit difficult. But I knew that with him gone, I could give Nila some more time. I could potentially pull in another dog. It’s always bittersweet to say goodbye to any foster, but yeah him having been with me for so long, it was definitely a different vibe in the house, a lot more mellow, no goofy antics going on without him in the house.

What advice would you give current or prospective foster parents who worry about fostering for an extended period of time and letting them go after having them for so long?

I always try to go in with the mindset that you know it’s not my dog permanently and all I’m doing is providing the opportunity for them to find their person or their people and live their best life and they just to hang out with me in the mean time and I think another thing that really helps me too is knowing that getting one of them adopted, you know as someone that’s been around a long time, just means we have another spot in the rescue and I have another spot in my house for a dog that may need us.

To wrap it up, can you give us an idea of what Tookie’s life looks like now? Maybe some updates, his new name?

His new name is T’Challa so he’s the little Black Panther. His dad works from home the majority of his time which I know Tookie absolutely loves so I know he’s enjoying that life being the only child, getting all the attention. I know the last time I talked with his dad he talked about taking him on runs in the morning, which I always thought he would be a good running buddy that that would be a great way to get him to burn off his extra energy too. I’ve seen pictures of him on the couch, he’s a big snuggler and his dad is enjoying the snuggle. I think he’s set up for a great life.

T'Challa posing with new dad Anthony


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