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Renegade celebrates four years of serving you

When we started Renegade Paws Rescue four years ago, we couldn't have predicted how many lives we would touch in this journey.

Renegade was a project based on our love of the community and the idea that, if we could save just one life, then it would all be worth it. Coming into our fourth year, Renegade has saved 3,000 lives since we founded the rescue in 2019 - something that would not have been possible without the support of our community.

Since our inception we have:

  • Completed 962 adoptions in 2022 (In our first year, we did 365 adoptions.)

  • In 2022 we launched our innovative Renegade Claws program which has provided much needed TNVR (trap, neuter, vaccinate, release) care and brought nearly 100 kittens into rescue

  • We started a capital campaign, bought a building (the whole damn thing), and moved into our new home in January this year!

And we still have so much more work to do. For our birthday, we ask that you spay and neuter your pet as well as educate others on the benefits of getting their pets fixed. Only by ending the overcrowding crisis can we lessen the burden on county shelters and animal rescue organizations.

One thing we have learned above all else is we are so lucky to have our Renegade Nation.

A few more fun facts about Renegade Paws Rescue:

  • The rescue was originally completely operated out of executive director Jennifer Taylor's home

  • There were 12 founding members

  • Renegade has a working board which means our board members are often foster parents, volunteers, or community advocates

  • Renegade was originally going to be called "The Revolution"

Want to continue making history with us? Donate to our birthday fundraiser here!



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