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The Happy Dog Microblog: Meet Bonnie Jean!

A special spotlight for our most amazing dogs

The Happy Dog Microblog highlights one dog each month who—at no fault of their own—need extra help finding the perfect family. We believe that there is a perfect home for every dog in rescue. And, with a little luck and rescue fairy dust, we hope that that person might just be you!

A message from her foster:

Bonnie Jean is the carefree cool girl everyone wants to be - or be with. Though it took some time for her to open up, our patience has been rewarded as she’s bloomed into an independent, adventurous daydreamer with a playful and loving spirit. Bonnie Jean is well-mannered, witty, intelligent and respectful. She is an excellent hostess and the life of the party who knows how to make her guests (whether dog or human) feel special. There are endless reasons we love Bonnie, but we love her most of all for reminding us to not take life too seriously and sometimes, it’s more fun to break the rules.

Nickname: Bonnie Bon Bon, Bonnie Dream

Favorite food: Beef liver

Favorite hobbies: Tug, hunting squirrels and playing tricks on her foster brother (like hide and seek or hiding his toy in another room when he's not looking)

Ideal Saturday night: Climbing on the couch to get all the pets from foster mom's houseguests

Fun fact: She is absolutely TICKLED when she gets caught doing something naughty and practically laughs about it

Favorite song: I'm Just a Girl by No Doubt

Voted most likely to: Charm all of your friends Likes: SQUIRRELS, beef liver, napping in chairs, circling the pool (but not getting in), going new places, sniffing all the sniffs, pretending she's deaf when she's really just stubborn

Dislikes: Fruits and vegetables, having to pee in the rain, cheap treats, being bossed around (because she's a smart, independent woman)

Sounds like a pawfect fit for your family? Apply to adopt Bonnie Jean today!



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