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The Happy Dog Microblog: Meet Bruce Willis!

Large bully breed mix happily sits on a plaid rug by the fire
Bruce Willis enjoying the fire - adoptable

A special spotlight for our most amazing dogs

The Happy Dog Microblog highlights one dog each month who—at no fault of their own—need extra help finding the perfect family. We believe that there is a perfect home for every dog in rescue. And, with a little luck and rescue fairy dust, we hope that that person might just be you!

A message from his foster:

Bruce Willis is the sweetest, chunkiest, lap dog. He had a rough start and was found with a collar embedded in his neck, but that doesn’t stop him from loving his people. He has a strong affinity towards males, but loves his momma, too. He’s got the biggest hazel eyes that will melt your heart. This boy will be an incredible addition to your family.

Nicknames: Chillis Willis, Bruce a Goose, Bruski, Chonka Boy, Puppicito, Brucheese

Favorite Food: Purina One- Chicken and Rice (no lie, if mixed with other kibble, I will pick out the chicken and rice kibble… you cannot fool him)

Favorite Hobbies:

  • chasing my tail

  • playing with my foster sisters

  • chewing on bones

  • burying my bones

  • sitting on my foster parents

  • touching my foster parents

  • snuggling my foster parents

  • following my foster parents around the house

  • waiting for my foster parents to come back home when they leave

Ideal Saturday Night: Picture this—foster mom and dad stay home, and we hit the yard for a little fetch sesh with my siblings. I try so hard to catch the frisbee, but my foster sisters are so much faster than me. I have a good time running around, though. After playing, I get a big ole bowl of food and then I get to snuggle on the couch chewing my fav bone. I fall asleep with my head on my foster mom's chest and drool sneaking out of my mouth. Life is good.

Fun Fact: I check out new toys and spaces by bumping them with my nose. Over and over.

Favorite Song: Fun Time by Bruce Willis (the real one)

Voted Most Likely To: Steal your heart (& lap space)

Likes: snuggles, treats, bones, sleeping, and any male

Dislikes: being scared from behind and some of those tiny humans

Sounds like a pawfect fit for your family? Apply to adopt Bruce Willis today!


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