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The Happy Dog Microblog: Meet Tippy!

A special spotlight for our most amazing dogs

The Happy Dog Microblog highlights one dog each month who—at no fault of their own—need extra help finding the perfect family. We believe that there is a perfect home for every dog in rescue. And, with a little luck and rescue fairy dust, we hope that that person might just be you!

A message from her foster:

Tippy came to rescue after spending time at Bryan County Animal Control. While at animal control, she earned the name "Tippy" because of her signature tap dance that she does when she gets excited. She's a good old dog looking for someone who understands that she's just looking for a quiet place to land. Tippy makes us laugh almost every day and is one of the most special foster dogs that we've ever had the joy to foster.

Nicknames: Tip Toe, Tippy Taps, Tippy Tip Taps Esquire, Tip Tip, Tipnado, and Tipenstein.

Favorite Food: Peanut Butter! She gets her heartworm and flea medicine in peanut butter and doesn't mind the taste of the pills at all!

Favorite Hobbies: Sun tanning, going outside to stand around and stare at nothing, and pretending she track down squirrels.

Ideal Saturday Night: Cuddled up on a super soft bed on the floor while everyone is watching a movie or hanging out together.

Fun Fact: Tippy only has her like four teeth left.

Favorite Song: Hips Don't Lie -- Shakira.

Voted Most Likely To: Become a professional dancer.

Likes: Being outdoors, dancing for treats, and crumbs off the floor.

Dislikes: Dogs that are more sassy than her.

Sounds like a pawfect fit for your family? Apply to adopt Tippy today!


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