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The Happy Dog Microblog: Meet Axel!

Acorn - adoptable

A special spotlight for our most amazing dogs

The Happy Dog Microblog highlights one dog each month who—at no fault of their own—need extra help finding the perfect family. We believe that there is a perfect home for every dog in rescue. And, with a little luck and rescue fairy dust, we hope that that person might just be you! A message from his foster: Axel is such a sweet boy who loves people, big and small - he's never met a stranger! He loves his faces being squished and good, intense butt-scratching sessions! He's super smart and picks up commands very quickly. He'd love an adventurous person/couple to spoil him rotten as the only baby in the home. Axel would absolutely thrive with folks who have been around the block and have experience in pet-parenthood.

Nicknames: Ax, Axey, and Squish Face

Favorite Food: Bananas, whipped cream straight from the can

Favorite Hobbies: Chasing bugs, car rides, any new adventures, kayaking, obstacle course Ideal Saturday Night: Catching moths after a long moonlit walk

Fun Fact: He won't even step outside in the rain but loves kayaking // can catch a month mid flight but can't catch a treat to save his life

Favorite Song: Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio and Kylian Mas

Voted Most Likely To: Stay in rescue forever // most photographed

Likes: Cuddles, stuffies, car rides, hiking, learning new tricks

Dislikes: Dogs, cats, water


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